Saturday, January 7, 2012

Some More SKOW Blocks and meeting a blogging buddy

Firstly, I'm still going with SKOW - determined to be up to date before the end of the holidays - which is only one week away for me.  Then it will be home and getting kids organised for school and an 18th birthday party for our eldest.  Fun, fun, fun!!

Meanwhile, in the here and now, I'm enjoying the opportunity to sew, sew, sew!  My latest blocks:

Jeans block finished!

Finally a photo with the steam!
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Applique done - stitching today.

I've organised the templates for the blocks due by the end of January.  Hope to get some more stitching done today.

I've been organising both the Dear Jane patterns and the Farmer's Wife templates.  With Dear Jane I've been looking through the EQ7 program and starting the lessons.  Reading Brenda's hints on how to make the blocks.  With the Farmer's Wife templates - they are just about all glued on cardboard and cut out ready to place on fabric.  

I would like to trace some stitcheries while on holidays - will see how time goes.

Meeting Narelle - Narelle and I met in Blogland early in 2011 and we found out that she lives quite close to wear we holiday.  Finally we met in person in Bundaberg on Thursday.  A lovely person - so pleased that we finally met up and we plan to continue to meet each time we are here on holidays.  We had a coffee and a chat and then a wonder around The Quilter's Shack - a fantastic quilting/patchwork shop.  A very pleasant morning.  Narelle had farming and other things to attend to, but we continued in holiday mode with a picnic at the beach and a swim.  Once again a very pleasant day.

We had a hot day yesterday - but have been so lucky that the heat has not continued into the night, so sleeping is still very pleasant.  Hoping it won't be quite that hot today.  Although, I understand that we may be looking at even hotter weather next week.  We've been so spoilt this summer - and I don't want the spoiling to end.

This was where we had a picnic lunch and swim - a very pleasant part of the world.  We're 6 hours from home and 2 of our boys met up with two school friends.  What are the chances?

Off to do some more sewing.........



Melody said...

Isn't it lovely to catch up with a blogging friend in person. Have a wonderful weekend.

Fiona said...

Great stitching... you are catching up well.... I do love the pretty cup.... great to meet up with Narelle... enjoy the rest of your time there ...

Narelle said...

Thankyou for a lovely Thursday morning :)
Looks like a lovely spot for a picnic.
I'm looking forward to seeing some more DJ blocks and maybe I'll even make a start on mine.

Allie said...

Your blocks are so cute, love them! And what a beautiful spot to meet a friend - I can only dream, lol!