Friday, May 25, 2012

May is almost over and what have I achieved?

Not sure of the answer to that question!  But boy, has it been a busy month.  We've had netball - lots and lots of netball.  Then there was more netball.......

We've started organising costumes for Calamity Jane - long way to go there!

Then we had more netball.

We had Mother's Day - that was very pleasant.  We spent the morning at the new (ish) dam that has been built in our area - Wyaralong.  Very pleasant place to spend a Sunday morning and go for a walk.

Then there was more netball.

As for sewing - very little has been achieved.  I've started on a table runner - may be able to sneak that in for OPAM for May.  I've knitted another scarf.  I've also started on a machine cover but it's unlikely I'll get that anywhere near completed by the end of May.  Maybe June.

We've been to two Debutante Balls.  I helped with the setting up of one.  So that was a busy couple of days.

I've tried to do a little scrapbooking - and guess what, I did it on netball.  Who would have thought?

That was lots of fun to create.  I'm enjoying digital scrapbooking - but not really being very productive as I basically only work on it in class on Monday nights.  That thing called time is causing problems again.

We have three birthdays this weekend (and netball!).  Tish will be 4 and her brother will be 5 and my DD, Esther, will be 12 on Tuesday - but the celebrations are on this weekend.   Because, guess what, netball is on Tuesday evening.

All the boys will be away this weekend camping so it's a girls weekend - with DH.  Esther wants to go roller blading with friends.  We're celebrating in the park on Sunday (hope the rain stops) for Tish and her brother.  Big weekend - lots of cooking and decorating cakes.

Next week I have to find some time to sew.  I have some towells to embroider and lots of other projects that just haven't moved at all.  I've bought some backing to complete two quilts that have sat there for ages.  It'll happen one day.

I hope you're enjoying your May and getting more sewing done than I am!


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Where has May gone?

Life has been very busy in our household over the last few weeks. Mainly sport for the kids. My eldest DD went to the state netball Challenge Cup. Great three days do netball and while our girls didn't do anything great score wise, they had heaps of fun and learnt so much. The exciting thing was that the Wild Cats team spotted my DD and are interested in her joining their development squad. Now, nothing may come of it but it was nice to be noticed. On the way home from netball I called in to see a friend of mine who I worked with years ago - pre-children! It was great to catch up with her - lovely when the years melt away and you just have the best chat ever! On the sewing front not a lot has been happening. I am ready to quilt another completed top from some years ago - just have to get the time to sandwich and baste. I've been working on a table runner in class. That is almost finished. I've done a little on Some Kind of Wonderful and knitted one scarf. Better luck in June, I hope. Been to my second son's rehearsal today. Measured cast and about to get into costume making for Calamity Jane. On a sadder note, my uncle died this morning. Probably the most active 80 year old ever. He had a massive stroke on Monday. Life support was turned off last night and he died this morning. Quite a shock. I saw him a few weeks ago and he was as full of life as ever. It is a good memory to have of him. I keep reminding myself how much he would have hated to have lived and been inactive. He had a very individual view on life and wasn't afraid to tell everyone. We will miss him so much at family gatherings! Off to pick up kids. It never stops! Marg