Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Day of Organising!

Well, our first day back from holidays was a little on the mixed up side.  DH had a meeting he had to go to and it turned out that the person he was meeting was still on holidays!  Duh!!  I spent the morning sorting out patterns and planning what I'm going to be working on this year.  I've printed out the Just Takes Two patterns and yesterday afternoon I bought the red and white fabric.

Scrappy Plate patterns printed, Harrington and Hannah BOM printed, Melody's Penny Rug printed.

Yesterday afternoon was spent buying school books and other return to school items.  Today will be spent labelling and labelling and labelling!!

Last night I met with my Digital Scrapbooking group - our first meet for 2012.  I'm hoping to get lots done through this regular group.  The convenor is also running a Traditional Scrap booking Group - and in scrap booking - that is still my first love but I'm often stuck for ideas and as a result spend lots of time procrastinating rather than doing!!  So, hopefully, this will be a group I will also get a lot out of - and also, hoping that I will get to go to the gatherings on a regular basis.  Kids have a way of upsetting these sorts of plans............

So, some more organising today.  Maybe some sewing tonight - although that could be just more organising, too.

Still rainy weather - which means slightly cooler - so good weather to get things done in.



Narelle said...

Wow! You've really hit the ground running and have organised a lot in a short time.

Fiona said...

The organising takes time.. but I think it pays off in the end...