Thursday, January 5, 2012

Another Day in Paradise

Just loving being on holidays.  No stress, no looking at the time working out who should be where, etc.  Just going through the day.  One of the things we haven't found here is a good bakery - so I've been making bread each day.  No bread maker - just the old fashioned way.  Turning out quite well, too.

We're off to Bundaberg today and a visit to The Quilter's Shack.  It's like a dream - beautiful quilts, fabrics, patterns and all things wonderful.

While I'm there DH is taking kids to the park.  After lunch we'll be off for a swim at Bargara Beach and a BBQ dinner at the beach.

I've been working on Some Kind of Wonderful - still at the Jeans block.  Almost done.  I had a break yesterday to do some more hexies for One Flower Wednesday.

Also started a book I found for 99 cents on-line.  I've downloaded it to my e-reader (a Chrissy present).  It's a Marian Keyes book called "Rachel's Holiday".  Jan suggested some books the other day and one of those was Marian Keyes "Watermelon".  Coincidentally, this book is about the sister of the heroine in "Watermelon".  Only read a few pages - all those tiny hexies are very tiring on the eyes, but I like what I have read so far.

2012 - so much better start to the year than 2011.  Hope it continues.  I was right in thinking that our beautiful mild weather was coming to an end - yesterday was much hotter, but it still cooled down enough last night to sleep well.


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Tracee said...

Sounds delightful.