Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Some more progress on Some Kind of Wonderful and a new bird in our lives

I was up at 5 this morning feeding the new bird in our lives.  It's a blue quaker - we're just finishing off the hand-raising.  Not sure if it's a boy or girl so I'm thinking of calling "it" 'Bluebelle'.  That way if it's a boy we can shorten it to Bluey and a girl to Belle.  So far things are going well - and we're up to 6 hourly feeds so it's not quite so bad as a younger hatchling!

I merrily took photos of Bluebelle and my latest blocks from Some Kind of Wonderful and now I can't find the cord to attach the camera to the computer.  GRRRRR!  Not going to wake any children to ask the question as I'm enjoying the peace and quiet too much.  Photos will have to come later.

We're still enjoying very mild weather for this time of year.  Been having campfires and sitting around at night talking.  Our friends who came for New Year are leaving today.  But eldest DS and friends of his arrived late yesterday (bringing the bird).  They say the heat will be returning next week so I'm enjoying this hiatus while it lasts.

The other thing that is different this year than other years we've been here is the number of snakes we have encountered!  Not fussed on this new development at all.  Even on the way to the beach on New Year's Day we encountered one.  Bit of a worry with the kids - but we've sat them all down and hopefully made them aware of what to do and how to stay safe.  Lots of mowing and cleaning will continue to ensure that they have less places to hide.


Narelle said...

I can understand not waking the children :)
Funny weather alright ... I've been wearing a coat most mornings but 35 and 36 degrees are predicted by the weekend :(
Would you believe I did washing and vacumming on New Years Day ... maybe my house will stay more tidy in 2012 ... crazy?

Allie said...

Bluebelle sounds like a good start! Can't wait to see the pics. But please no pics of snakes...*shudder* EGADS!