Sunday, January 15, 2012

Holiday over - and it's raining

Well, like a lot of others around Australia, our holiday is over.  After the heat early in the week we are back to having some very lovely warm days, nice breezes and coolish nights.  Last night the rain came in and it's been raining lightly since about 8pm.  Nice weather for packing!!  But, we need the rain - especially after the heat of last week.

Eldest DS got the apprenticeship.  BIG thanks to Narelle for putting us on to it.  It wasn't the apprenticeship he was originally after, but he can see it's potential and possibilities.  He's been on line checking out all sorts of things.  It's a textile fabrication apprenticeship at a camper trailer manufacturer.  They make the camper trailers from the ground up so it will include welding (and whatever else goes with that), but the apprenticeship is in the canvas work.  I keep telling him that he's caught the quilting bug and saying things like "hands off my Janome!!" Which gives me raised eyebrows in return!  It's so lovely to see him this enthusiastic for his new life.

As eldest DS does not have his driver's licence YET, it means that DH and I will have to share being up here with him for the first few weeks.  It will make organising the other kids a bit harder, but we'll get there.

And with him living up here, it gives us the perfect excuse to put our plan into action and move up here, too.  We had hoped that the end of 2012 would see this happening, but hopefully this is more definite now.  (Being involved in the child protection system, moving can get a bit complicated, so it's a move slowly, negotiate carefully so that we will get the approval we need!)

What a start to the new year - life takes you places when you least expect it.

The week ahead will be very busy - organising the move and his 18th birthday party.  Getting 6 kids ready for school and one ready for Kindy.

Like many others, I could take another week of holidays - and some more sewing!!

Loving this cooler weather - although the hot days were spent reading and playing rummy-o with the kids, so could have bee worse!  Cheers


Fiona said...

great to hear good things happening there.... all the best for the plans for moving.... you do a great job with the children.. so important..

Narelle said...

I'm so thrilled that things are working out.
Wait till DS tells you your sewing machine's not as good as his :)

Allie said...

Sounds like you've quite the journey ahead, congrats to DS!!

Melody said...

Sounds like you are going to be so busy. I hope this year brings you much happiness along with the changes