Friday, January 20, 2012

Having a play on an iPad

My son has been given an iPad for his school work. He has mild cerebral palsy and find the task of writing quite difficult. So I've borrowed it and I thought I would see how it could be used in blogging. So far I like it a lot. I have heard that uploading photos is a problem. Busy day here getting ready for eldest DS' 18th birthday party. He actually turned 18 yesterday. Spent the day with friends and we went shopping in the evening to buy him gear for his new job. Today was spent trying to get everything set up. Tomorrow will be lots of cooking. With dinner tonight DH and I decided to open a bottle of wine. DS got out 3 glasses. I was about to say "and what do you think you're doing?" when I realized that he is legally an adult now and legally able to have alcohol. A bit of a shock!! I hope all those sewing up a storm for FNSI are having a wonderful time. Cheers PS: I can't tell you whether the photos work or not as I don't have anynstorednon the iPad. But can tell you that the rest is great!!!

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Denice Barker said...

I'm dying to get one! But will probably have to wait till I retire and it will be my gift to myself.
18 is legal? Here it's 21!