Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fabric Storage Idea (Fabulous) and more school organising

Just found this fabulous link from Karen at Sew Many Ways.  How to store your fabric using a filing cabinet.  Excellent idea and I've just remembered we have one of these stored in DH's shed (wonder what he's storing in it temporarily?).  Worth popping over to have a look.

I'm really taken with this idea.

It's school book and other assorted things organising time.  Labelling, labelling, labelling.  I've given up the covering - used to spend hours - days in fact - covering books.  Then by Week 3 I would see how my work was being treated - and wonder why I bothered.  One year I just decided I wouldn't and although I needed to breathe deeply into a paper bag at such a radical idea, I stuck with it and did not cover my children's exercise books.  You know what, the world did not end, the sun did rise the next day and they all survived the school year without the need for intense psychological counselling and I lost a very stressful week.  (I was covering books for 8 children at my peak - down to 6 now with 4 in High School, so it's a bit of a doddle!)  Has anyone else found that the further their children go in school the less they need in terms of books?  Not sure what this says!  Labels for pencils are still calling me, so must go......



Melody said...

Because my kids are grown up I'd forgotten about this task. What always got me is that expensive text books in some subjects weren't even used.

Narelle said...

I loved covering school books but then I only had to do it for 2. Also used to shave a piece on the end of the pencils and write their name in pen.
Oh what I could do with more draws in my filing cabinet ... much nicer than all the paperwork in there now.
Love the bright fabrics in your flowers above too :)

Allie said...

Good storage idea! Too bad I gave my filing cabinet away, lol. I never covered schoolbooks - we had TONS of them, I think at one point we were using 5 different curriculums! For two kids! Ah the joys of homeschooling, lol.