Saturday, August 11, 2012

Some More Photos

Some more scrapbook pages:

I made this card at a scrap booking workshop - it was lots of fun and is so pretty.  

This is a quilt I started in 2006 - finished the quilt top back then.  Quilted it this year.  It's called Country Hearts by Patchwork Pumpkin and was a Row of the Month quilt.  Love the colours and the pattern.

Finally, a photo:

This is my latest  bear - Elle Jane.  I may have already blogged about her, but she's cute enough to blog again!!


A long weekend

It's a long weekend for us as the Brisbane Show (Ekka) is on and our town gets the Monday as a public holiday.  We've headed to our block near Bundaberg and are having a nice weekend away.  Five of our children are off doing their own thing (sometimes having one with a driver's licence can have it's pluses!) so we only have three with us - pretty easy all round!

The winds have come - always does around Show time.  But that also means that spring is around the corner.  So it's still cold but the wattles have come out and here the sunflowers and grevilleas are out in flower.  The birds are coming in and it is so lovely.    Our jasmine is budding and will be a mass of flowers within the next week, filling the air with the most beautiful perfume.

I've finally photographed all my completed blocks from My Favourite Things Quilt.  Here they are:

One of the reasons I am behind in my sewing projects is that I've tried to get my scrap booking up to date - and believe me I'm years behind on this. I've joined a digital group and go almost every week - children's priorities sometimes getting in the way!

Here are some of the pages I've completed:

I've completed a few books - just doing them by year.  I'm working on 2007 at the moment.  It's been great to look back and see how much the kids have changed - and how much they haven't.  Enjoyed going through, sorting and recording our lives.  Unfortunately, time is just as limited.

We have been investigating the possibility of buying some alpacas and the craft possibilities with these animals are amazing - the fleece is so soft and beautiful and I love the earthy tones.  Possibilities of felting as well as knitting and crochet.  Will keep you posted on our endeavours.  They are the most amazing animal.  We're visiting a local alpaca farm tomorrow.

So, I've been away from my blog for most of the year, but not sitting idle.  Still read where I can, but don't get to write a lot.  Hopefully, I'll get back to regular writing soon.


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Finishes for July

July is my birthday month and since having children one of my birthday treats is to be given some me time - when the children were babies this was the best present I could ever have, so it's become a bit of a tradition.

I had two quilt tops that had been in my sewing room - one for 12 months and the other for about 6 years.  I've been trying to make 2012 a finishing year and I've been keen to get these two quilted and completed.  This was my birthday project.

I haven't photographed them yet, but will try to do that today.

Some finishes for June

These are late - blogging just doesn't seem to be happening for me this year.  But here are some of my finishes for June:

This is  Anna - the Door Stop Bear.  Designed by Melody Daly.  Lovely bear/doll to make.  She's on my "make another one" list.

Another Elle Jane - a bear designed by Debbie Amos from "The Quilter's Shack" in Bundaberg.  She's a beautiful bear and my third version.  I'd happily make another - like to do it in the traditional greens.

I also made some progress on My Favourite Things quilt by Anni Downes.  I've only got photos of the prepared blocks, will now photograph the completed ones and put them on here.