Wednesday, April 25, 2012

ANZAC Dawn Service

Just having breakfast with two DS and DD after being at the Dawn Service to remember all those (predominantly) young men and women who laid down their lives. It was a very moving service. Standing under the stars listening to the last post, it made me think of that morning back in 1915 and try to think of what those young men must have been feeling as they waited for the order. I'm sure there was excitement at what many saw as an adventure, apprehension of what awaited them on shore and homesickness for the families they left behind and who many would never see again.

Thank God we had those young men. Our lives would be so different now if we didn't have those young men.

Lest We Forget.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

One Flower Wednesday

2 weeks running I have made flowers for OFW! Must be school holidays! How will I go next week? Good intentions at this stage.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Finally flowers for One Flower Wednesday

After many weeks of watching all the lovely flowers being posted and saying "next week", it's finally here and I have completed 2 flowers!!

Another Scarf

These are so much fun to make - love the variety of patterns, textures and colours. They are also quick - absolute bonus! Lovely to wear. This is my latest.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Just takes two quilt Finally STARTED

When I saw this on line in early January I just loved the idea of completing a quilt with just two colours - so I downloaded the first 6 patterns.  Since then I have downloaded each set as they have come out.  I've bought the material and the thread for the stitcheries.  Until last week when I decided that the time had come to get started..........

Block 1 - piecing completed, centre applique needs to be done.
This is block 7 - all the smaller blocks have been pieced, but the final piecing still needs to happen.  This is a Jacob's Ladder.
Block 5 - Ohio Star
Block 2 - Churn Dash
Block 4 - the white centres have stitcheries.
Block 3 - the centre has a stitchery - a holiday job!

Finally a start! Hopefully will get some more done through April.


Some more finishes for March

I've now knitted 4 of these scarves - they are really quick to do and lots of fun in the variegated colours.

This one has a silver sparkle through it - but the photo didn't pick this up.  It's a honeycomb weave.

This one had the loosest weave of all - and I only used 6 stitches, so it's a very long, thin scarf.

They are perfect for working on while watching  TV as no concentration is required and not a lot of thought needed. 

This one is a fishnet weave - much closer and either needs another ball of wall, or less stitches to make this one go further, but for a first effort, I'm happy.  It'll be warm to wear.

There is also a picture of the little cardigan I knitted for a bear. And, of course, another bear!!
This is Summer Bear made in a synthetic pink fur.  She's very cute.  I'm thinking of some more for the outfit, but as a bear she is finished. 
I haven't knitted in ages.  Decided to try this little cardigan for  a bear.  A very simple pattern, but it didn't sew together very well.  Mmmm!  Pattern or me?  Still trying to work that out!!  Still cute on a bear!

Lots of plans for the school holidays - I've got three quilt tops out - they are at least going to be basted, if not quilted.  I've got bear patterns and I haven't forgotten Some Kind of Wonderful and Dear Jane.  Lots to do and they are talking rain, so may be perfect stitching weather.