Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First Dear Jane Block and Tuesday's Treasures

Finally made a proper start on my Dear Jane quilt.  I picked what I thought would be an "easy" one - just 4 squares and applique.  But working on such small blocks, I didn't take into account the thickness of the pen when I made the applique templates - so they were too big!!  A learning curve - but good to do and see how important accuracy is.  I knew that, of course, but seeing the difference a pen line made was still a revelation.

Anyway, back to my Dear Jane block - here it is.
This is it - the first Dear Jane Block!
Tuesday's Treasure!
This is Tish - and I'm sure she's been my Tuesday Treasure before - but I still couldn't resist this photo opportunity.  One gumboot (her big sister's) and a croc!  She was heading off to see the bonfire eldest DS had just started so was in a hurry and didn't want to get prickles in her feet!  10/10 for thinking!  She is so cute and sooooooo full of mischief.  Hard to believe that the little 2 1/2 month old bundle who only came into our lives for 3 days back in 2008 is about to start Kindy and hopefully by the end of February 2012 we will get the court decision that puts her in our lives permanently!!
 First Book of 2012

One of my New Year Resolutions was to read more fiction.  Marian Keyes was recommended as an author and I found a 99 cent book through Kindle.  Can't get a better price than that to check out a new author.  She is an Irish author - my ancestral home - so it always appeals to me.  I enjoyed the book - called "Rachel's Holiday".  A good summer holiday read - nothing too heavy or challenging, but kept my interest.
I'll be looking for more of hers.

We went into Bundaberg Thursday to check out a possible apprenticeship for eldest  DS - tip given to me by Narelle when we met last week.  Eldest DS was very impressed and is very keen to get the job.  So DH and DS are off went home yesterday to collect his paperwork and take it back to the employer.  I'm excited at the prospect of him coming up here - we may realise our dream of living here sooner rather than later!!  Although, I'm a bit apprehensive about DS living up here by himself.  I know, I know - it's all about the letting go.  Easier in theory than in practice and of course, I left home at his age to go to Uni.  Keep reminding myself of all this, but not easy to do.

It has still got to work out!  He doesn't have the job yet, but he is very keen, so hopefully it will happen.

Our beautiful summer weather of mild days and cool nights has ended!  It came through a scorcher yesterday and the night did not cool down significantly.  I think today will be the same - predicting worse.  This is the summer I hate - give me winter any day.  Getting warm is one thing cooling down is quite another.  But, that's life........

I wrote most of this blog post yesterday but was unable to publish or save - I also couldn't sign up for Melody's Tuesday's Treasures.  Not sure what was going on - whether it was a google issue, an internet issue or just the computer saying "it's too hot, leave me alone"!!



Narelle said...

Cute Tuesday Treasure and clever girl to think practical before fashion :)
Tomorrow is supposed to be a bit cooler and Friday a lot cooler, we just have to hang in there ... I've been sweating just cutting fabric, yuk!
Fingers crossed that all goes well for your son.

Karen said...

I love your Tuesday Treasure, so very sweet! And, a wonderful start on your Dear Jane, an excellent learning tool for sure.