Sunday, January 8, 2012

Some Kind of Wonderful and a Start to Farmer's Wife Quilt

This was my view at breakfast this morning - it's a hard life, isn't it?  Having to sit and look at this while I eat breaky.  

There is something about gum trees - the different colours of the bark, the shape of the branches.  Each one is so unique - just love them.  
The other lovely thing that happened this morning is that a flock of rainbow lorrikeets arrived.  Two of them were sitting on one of our pet bird's cage.  They flew off and and went into our grevillea garden and started to have their breakfast.  They were joined there by about another dozen or so.  Lots of noise and arguing as only rainbow lorrikeets can!  They are the loveliest bird ever.

Now to some work - Another two blocks completed in Some Kind of Wonderful.  And a start to the Farmer's Wife Quilt.  This one has taken so long - but last night was the night!!

Here are some pictures of Some Kind of Wonderful - the stitching has been completed on the suitcase block and I've finished the chocolate block.  I'm about to start on Hot Chocolate and the ice cream!
I've personalised this block to show some of our favourite holiday destinations!

Here are the chocolates!

I discovered the Farmer's Wife Quilt some time last year and ordered the book straight away.  Since then this has been on my to-do list, but got no further.  Before we came on holidays I printed off the templates and glued them to cardboard.  So, last night I decided that I just had to make the start.......

This is Block One - Attic Windows.  Needs a good iron but not bad for holidays!!

Block 2 - Autumn Tints.  Colours haven't come up very well in this photo - I think it looks better is "real life" - but it's proof that i have another one completed!!

These blocks have been fun to do - using Brenda's tips from Dear Jane on how to hand piece blocks and using my silk applique thread which has pieced very well.

When I visited the LQS with Narelle on Thursday I bought two doll patterns - one in a kit.  Forgot to put these on the blog yesterday - so here they are today.  Very cute.

Elle Jane is made of wadding - never used this before in a doll/teddy.  Can't wait to start.  Also I've never used teddy joints before so that will be a big learning curve.

I think the hat was the thing with this one - how cute is that?

We are about to have pancakes for morning tea, so I'd best go.  Home made and very yum!!!

Holidays are so hard to take.........



Allie said...

What a lovely holiday spot, I think you're enjoying yourself! Your blocks are very pretty, they're hand-pieced? Wow. I haven't done that since my first quilt. Love your new patterns! Enjoy!

Fiona said...

fantastic place to be... I just love the gums and the birds too... lovely sewing...

Melody said...

So much lovely sewing here. You certainly are in a beautiful spot. I love cheeky little rainbow lorikeets too.