Sunday, August 28, 2011

Another week has gone by...............

Another week has gone by and what, in the way of sewing, do I have to show for it?  Very, very little.  It's been busy, busy, busy with the kids.  What's new there!!

I have almost completed a chenille and appliqued cushion cover - that was lots of fun.

Friday night sew in - well, didn't that fall down hard.  Had the weekend all planned out so that I could scrapbook and sew on Friday night.  Scouts changed plans and so we had to have our eldest son at a day activity at 8 on Saturday morning - a 2 hour drive away.  The original plan was for DH to drive him up there on Friday evening.  Saturday DH was working Saturday - so my plans had to change.  So, I had to be up at 5 to get him there on time.  Not good for a late night sewing.

While waiting for my eldest son to finish his activity - 5 pm that afternoon, I did get to visit The Quilter's Corner - a lovely little quilt shop in Keperra.  I found the Vignette Magazine Vol 3 - got it just in time before Vol 4 comes out.  Lots of beautiful fabrics there, too.

I've also been working on some machine embroideries.  We have been working on a new quilt using the tilt a ruler from Sewing Revolution.  Each block is based on a piece of machine embroidery, applique or just a stunning piece of fabric.  I've used a bird - designed by Sue Box.  Love her embroideries.  A very talented lady - Aussie as well.

This is a machine embroidery from Sue Box - part of her Christmas Collection.  Just downloaded it tonight.  I think I'll do it again with a layer of crystal organza between the fabric and the embroidery - just adds the sparkle.  Not sure what I am going to use this for - I'm hoping to use it in a quilt.  I'm going to make some more blocks using her designs - then I'll work out placement.  There is a very special teacher who has done a lot for my children - I would like to make her a very special quilt this year.  Better get going - it's September in a few days!!

This is the chenille and applique cushion.  I've been making.  I haven't used Japanese prints before, but like the colours.  Hopefully I'll finish the cushion this week.

These three embroideries are for a table runner.  Once again, Sue Box design.  I have to find the fabric to put around them now.

This is the block using the Create a Tilt Ruler.  I'm going to put a mottled purple/pink sashing around the blocks.  Not sure how I'll finish it.  

Another Christmas design by Sue Box.  The one on the left has the crystal organza - it hasn't photographed well - but I'm really pleased with it!  Seems to give it depth.

Once again, a Sue Box design - called glitter.  

The other project I've been working on is an embroidered towell for my daughter's friend.  She is having a birthday next week.  Esther decided that an embroidered towell was just the answer.  I haven't done this before - I've done a trial one.  Now for the real thing!!

Haven't had much time for hand sewing - but have progressed a little more on my second quilt for the Stitch-a-long.  

It's school holidays here in three weeks.  In just under two weeks we are having our local agricultural show.  I'm involved in the Needlework section.  I haven't got a lot to put in this year, but my daughter has a few things to put in.  


Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Night Sew In

I've signed up for Friday Night Sew In.  And it's tomorrow night - really looking forward to it.  Have a few things on the go - as always.  We have our local show coming up and I work in the Needlecraft section, so feel that I should have some entries.  Would love to get another doll in the show and I have the pattern for a softie - and then there are the finishes!!!!  Choices, choices.  I'm also going to a scrap booking evening first - going to learn how to do digital scrap booking.  Still not convinced as part of my love of all things crafty is the hands-on stuff - but have lots of photos and very little time and it has been mentioned that I can still do the special ones the old way!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Some sad news and busy times

Firstly, the sad news.  Our little lorrikeet, Laina, died on Saturday.  She got caught playing with one of her rope toys and even though physically she appeared to be ok, she must have been too stressed and so didn't make it.  She was such a lovely little bird - was saying 'Hello Cocky'.  Greeted me every morning.  She was like a kitten when she played - rolled over and kicked her legs in the air, hung on to ropes, etc.  Such a little character.  Lots of tears as a result.

Second son was in the High School's Rock Eisteddfod and that was on last Friday night.  Wonderful night.  10 schools took part - from both Primary and Secondary.  Each performance was so good.  I took lots of photos at the last dress rehearsal, so will upload those soon.  Thought I had them on the computer today, but downloading didn't work.

Jazz and tap exams are over for another year.  That was two days last week.  We have to travel to another town about an hour away to participate as our dance studio is too small to be independent.

I have finished a quilt!  Yeh!!  Been working on it for a little while now.  Using various embroidery stitches on my machine.  it's been a fun project - but lots of mistakes.  A learning experience I think I'll call it.  I have a brightly coloured warm quilt, so it's still an ok result.  I'd like to try it again - using what I have learnt this time.  Maybe - so much on the list now!

Once again, haven't got the photo of the quilt yet.  Will try to get organised tomorrow.

I've started working on cup cake embroideries for my daughter.  She wants to make a scrap quilt featuring machine embroidered cup cakes.  Using bright colours.  I've started organising the embroideries for her.

Next week I have a class making an appliqued chenille cushion cover.  I've made a chenille quilt in the past, but not one with applique.  I'm looking forward to the class.

I've also started working on embroideries for another quilt I'll be making in class in about two weeks time.  It's using the Create a tilt ruler from Sewing Revolution.  It will be a lap quilt.  Should be lots of fun.

So, until tomorrow and some photos.  Take care.