Monday, March 26, 2012

Update on my bears and other things

Finally getting a chance to catch up on blogging.  There hasn't been many opportunities in the last week or so.  However, I'm waiting this morning for my eldest DS to complete (hopefully) his last driving lesson and then successfully complete his driving test.  As much as I dread the waiting and worrying when he is out driving, I really do want the test part to be over!!

These are the other two bears that I have been working on.  Their faces are finished, but I have to complete the stuffing of their bodies.

This little bear is made using Debbie Amos' "Summer" pattern.  She is very sweet.  I'm thinking this will be another ballerina, so pretty in pink!  Maybe a tiara as well.

Another Debbie Amos pattern "Beau".  He is quite a character.  Not sure how to finish him off yet - I'm thinking about overalls, but will see how he looks when I've finished his body.

I've been searching Ebay and Quick Sales for old copies of Australian Bear Creations.  If anyone is looking for older patterns of magazines there are a huge number being offered second hand.  Worth a look.  So, now I have heaps of patterns for bears and many outfits as well.  Can't wait to get started!

In one of the early copies, there was a cute little jumper for bears.  I've knitted one - not sure if it was me or the pattern, but something went wrong.  I've managed to salvage it, but doesn't pay to look too closely at it.  It will look cute on a little bear.  I'm going to ask my mother to have a try - she is a far better knitter than I will ever be.  She may work it better. Or maybe there is just a mistake in the pattern!

I've also bought some "fish net wool" to make some of those wonderful scarves I keep seeing in blogland - I think that I need someone to show me.  It's been explained and I have read the pattern - but it's not making sense at the moment.  Sometimes being shown is the only way!!

We'll be coming up to Bundaberg for the Easter break - or most of it, once children's sports and other commitments are sorted.  I'm hoping to get lots of sewing done - including some finishes.  I have two bunnies cut out and ready to go - so hopefully they will be completed before Easter this year.  I think when I bought the pattern I was intending on having them completed about 3 Easters' ago.

We had another day of rain yesterday - but it has certainly cooled off since the rain cleared.  Quite an autumn feel to the air this morning - said in a very Queensland context!



Bev C said...

Hello Marg,

Wow those bears are great. Love the fabrics chosen for both of them.

Good luck to the learner driver.

happy days.

Narelle said...

Oh yes ... a tiara for little miss pink ... she's adorable :)
Will they look at us funny if we sit and knit at Maccas?