Thursday, March 1, 2012

Our girls will stay with us!

After a very nerve wracking week, we got the news early on Monday that the birth father had not bothered to show in court so the order was granted and the girls are with us until they are 18!  Celebrations ensued.  Unfortunately, the birth father organised to go to the school the oldest boy goes to and take him.  So far the police have not been able to locate him.

It's all very difficult.  Luckily for us, the birth father doesn't think girls are worth much, so he'll probably leave our two alone.  Sometimes sexism can be so handy!

I've made some slow progress on a few sewing things - the only photo I have is this quilt top that I finished.  Hoping to get it quilted over the weekend.

I've started work on Country Blooms from Patchwork Pumpkin - this is my progress so far.

There's more applique to add on the end and stem stitching to link all the flowers , leaves and stars together.

I've been working on another bear which will be making it's way to the USA for my friend's niece - have to get that finished this weekend.  There'll be some photos once that happens.




Allie said...

Oh I am praising God for this - and praying for that boy~! LOVE your quilts!!!

Fiona said...

Great news Marg... the girls are lucky to have you ... lovely quilts...

Anonymous said...

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Jeni said...

What great news ...will be thinking of you
big hugs