Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuesday's Treasures

I'm going to be repeating myself from my earlier blog - just written this morning.  But my Tuesday's Treasure this week has to be Nana.

As I've said, she was the most amazing lady - her father died when she was only a small child.  They had to move from the small country town they were born in - she had two younger brothers - so that her mother could find work.  Marj (Nana) took on a lot of the responsibility for her younger brothers while her mother worked.  When she was older she went nursing - not being formally trained - but as many did then, she took on the job of nurse and learnt as she went.

She moved to Broken Hill where she met her first husband.  They married and had a daughter.  When she was only a few weeks old, they found out her husband had a very aggressive form of cancer.  He was only in his mid-twenties.  The doctors told them that the treatment would stop them from having any further children and that if they wanted another baby that they had to consider that right then and there.  They decided to be optimistic and their second baby was born a few weeks after her husband lost his battle with cancer.

She met her second husband a few years later and they had two more sons.  Eventually they moved back to Queensland.  Her second son married Chris and Jai's mother.  Marj was able to show them photos of their mother and tell them stories of her before the illness took away her personality and looks.  The boys memory of their mother will always be more positive as a result of her relationship with them.  This marriage did not last but Marj always kept in contact with their mother and was able to intervene and get help when they needed it.  She often took them food parcels and organised clothes for them.  She kept in contact no matter where they lived - often driving many hours to keep in contact.

She was the one who was instrumental in getting Chris taken into care and ultimately into our lives when she could see that Debbie just could not cope with a baby.

Not the best photos - but this was what she enjoyed the most - being with the children, especially her boys.

Marj was a very special lady and one that it has been an honour to know and count as a friend.  RIP Marj.


Quilt Kitty said...

Some people just have big hearts & a huge capacity to love, sounds like Marj was one of those people. What a sad loss for your family. Tracee xx

Melody said...

Marj does indeed sound like a wonderful person and I think you are one too.

Bev C said...

Marj sounds like a very strong woman.

Happy days.

Michelle Ridgway said...

God Bless Marj! She sounds like she was one in a million and made such a difference in others lives for the better. Great Nana's are true Treasures.

Narelle said...

Nanas should be declared a National Treasure :)
I'm sure her love will continue to shine.

Fiona said...

sorry for your loss Marg... it is wonderful that she had such a special place in your lives...