Sunday, March 25, 2012

Another Bear

It's been a big week. Been away with eldest DS trying to get his drivers licence sorted. We thought we'd come back to Bundaberg as this was where he had his first test. He had two lessons last week, another tomorrow and then the test.

We returned home for the funeral of "Nana". It was a lovely service, but very sad.

I've been bear making while I have been away.

I have only totally completed one - just a little fellow at only 14 cm.

The other two were bigger but I haven't finished stuffing them. Also knitted a bear jumper - very cute. Haven't taken a photo of that yet.

So, hoping to get the other two finished for my OPAM tally for March - just a few days away!

Last week of school for the term. Yeh, holidays!!



Allie said...

Isn't he cute!!!

Fiona said...

tough week for you Marg... glad there was this cute little bear to help comfort ...