Sunday, March 11, 2012

Another week gone and another starting

We've only got three more weeks school left and it will be school holidays and 1/4 of the year gone.  Where has it gone?  Seems like yesterday we were getting organised for Christmas!!

We've had another busy week - some get togethers for our kids, sport, dancing - all the usual.  Today, I'm waiting - eldest DS is visiting girl friend at the Gold Coast and as he doesn't have a licence, I'm waiting - so catching up on some internet banking and some blogging.  Haven't been near a computer all week, so have only caught up with bits and pieces through email.

I finished my cream bear this week - the friend I am making it for is sending it to USA for her niece and she wanted a ballerina bear, so the bear now has her very own tutu!  I've also been teaching a friend doll making - not sure I'm really qualified, but I'm happy to teach her what I know, so that meant making up the doll first.  I've made this doll but some years ago now, so thought I'd better refresh my memory.

A doll-bear I started while still in Bundy is now just waiting for a dress - she's all together with her nickers on - but no dress.  Thought I might have got it finished this morning, but decided that this was the day to completely pull the kitchen apart, take drawers out and clean behind them and completely re-organise the whole place.  It wasn't finished when I had to leave, but hopefully by the time I get home, we'll be ready to start putting everything away.  It'll be a tomorrow job as well, I would think.

I'm trying to be very ruthless and cull.  But find it very hard.  I have culled my recipe books - don't think 30 years without making one single thing out of them is being very ruthless!!  Still hard to do.  Hoping to do some further culling with everything else.

I've also been through my wardrobe and culled there as well.  Sent the biggest bag to Vinnies on Friday.  Took it straight there so that I couldn't change my mind!

My parents will be married 60 years on Saturday - so we're having a family get together to celebrate the milestone.  Keeping it simple and everyone is bringing along some food to share, so it shouldn't be too stressful.  Still need to get the verandah looking a little tidier!  Be nice to catch up with everyone.

I think it's going to be another busy one..........

Cheers - hope everyone is having a great time.  Thinking about the people in the south of Australia who are still coming to terms with everything they've lost in the floods.  Australia is a funny country when it comes to water - we seem to be either worried about not having any or struggling with too much.


PS:  Pictures will have to come later.  Forgot to bring my phone connection!!

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Fiona said...

well done with the clean up.... it's always hard to 'cull' but then the decluttered feel afterwards is worth it!