Sunday, September 18, 2011

School holidays have started

It only seems such a short time when we were anticipating the last school holidays - it's been a busy term.  DH and 3 of our children left today for about 10 days on our country block - bit sad as I would love to go, too.  But the other kids have too much on in the holidays so I'm staying home and being the taxi driver.  We're planning a few days up there when term starts, so that I can have my fix!

As well as being a taxi driver, I've lots more planned.  A big tidy up of the sewing room is the main one.  I've also got a number of projects that need my time - a couple of swaps to get sorted.  So, it will be good to be here.

There's some costumes for Sound of Music as well.  Can't forget those!!

And, photos of my little bits and pieces from FNSI.  Get on to that tomorrow.

Our other bit of lovely news is that we have found a Scaly Breasted Lorrikeet to replace our little Laina that died recently.  She's just a baby - met her about a week ago.  She is just gorgeous.  We'll be catching up with her in the holidays, too.  Still thinking about the name for her - I think she'll tell me eventually.  She was just starting to lose her down and get her coloured feathers when we met.  Will get some photos this week.

With spring arriving so are the birds in our garden.  The Lorrikeets tend to boss all the other birds and don't let them stay and feed.  But we are getting some beautiful King Parrots and a pair of pink and grey galahs.  Will try and organise some photos.  Have heaps of the lorrikeets, but the others are harder to get.

Here are the lorrikeets feding in our garden.  They are so cheeky! Noisy, too - but it's a happy noise.  I love them.




Fiona said...

Aaah.. the taxi lady.. I remember it well.... love the lorikeet pictures.. they are such characters..

Melody said...

I love the cheeky little lorrikeets that visit my garden too. Fabulous photos.

Allie said...

Enjoy playing chauffeur, lol - I hate that part. Can't wait to see your new baby! Those lorrikeets are very beautiful!