Friday, September 30, 2011

Another new bird and our baby is growing......

This is our baby of last week.  Growing and getting lots more colour.  Getting more adventurous, too.  

This is our new Scaly breasted Lorrikeet, called Libby.  She's about 6 weeks old.  She was rejected by her parents and has been hand raised from about 2 days old - breeder didn't think she'd survive.  She's a real cutie and very cuddly.

This is Pip with Libby.  Pip seems to have decided that she can be Libby's mother.  Where Libby was raised she had the same type of bird take on the mother role, so is feeling very at home with Pip.

This is Libby.  She flies in when we are feeding Dobbie and helps herself to his/her food.  Still wants to be a baby, I think.



Allie said...

Oh Marg they are so beautiful!!

Melody said...

What a gorgeous post. They are all adorable. It's wonderful to see little Dobbie thriving.