Saturday, September 17, 2011

Local Agricultural show and some catching up

It has been so long since I've blogged - been following comments through email, but haven't had the chance to do much else.  Our local show was last weekend and for the 10 days before DH was away.  He went about 8 1/2 hours away - my brother's farm, he was helping them with their renovation.   He took one of our kids with him - leaving me with the other 7, so it was a fairly busy time.  Lots of driving!!

I'm involved with the needlework competition for our local show and we also decided this year to enter the photography competition.  I put some photos in and so did two of my sons - they got a second and a third for their photos.

This was the second place
One of mine - sunset at Cottesloe Beach, WA.  No prizes, but I love the memories it brings back.

Miss Three on a swing - serious business - swinging!

Miss Three again - this is one of my favourites - and hers, too.

We're growing this plant at our property near Bundaberg.  No idea what it is, but the flowers are quite unusual.

Horse jumping at our local show.  Love watching the grace and power of the horses.  Never been something I'd like to do, but enjoy watching it.  Have two daughters who would love to have the chance!

They make it look so effortless.

This is camp drafting.  A bit of an Aussie sport, I think.  Basically, it's the ability to control a cow from horseback.  They have to take the animal through a serious of moves.  Can be quite interesting to watch if you get someone very skilled on horseback.

Of course, it wouldn't be a show without the fireworks.  Always a highlight.

In needlework I received a Highly Commended for one of my dolls and a First for a table centre with machine embroidery.  My daughter did quite well - she received a prize for everything she put in - a quilt, a doll, a dress, an outfit for Miss 3 and a bag.

The first day of the show ended up quite wet - really heavy rains came and then the coldest wind followed.  It was such a cold night.  We always go along on the Friday night - it's a show based on "rural" exhibits.  There was horse jumping, wood chopping, calf scruffing, fire works (of course), camp drafting and clowns.

On Saturday I had to take my eldest son to an abseiling course about a 2 hour drive away.  We had to be there very early and then I took number 3 son to a presentation ceremony for a piece of art he did for Child Protection Week.  He didn't know that he was getting a prize - he seemed quite pleased, but he doesn't cope very well being singled out and being "in the limelight".

We went back to the show on Saturday afternoon to go on the rides.  Not me - not into being made to feel sick!  Our second youngest girl couldn't wait to go on the Dodgem Cars.  Youngest daughter had a boat ride and a ride in a tea cup.  Lots of fun.  On Saturday night they have a crash up Derby - not my thing, but some of my boys stayed with friends and their families.  It was very cold again, so I was happy to go home.

That was the show for 2011.  We have our needlework classes sorted for next year's show!  Now, if only I could start now..........


Allie said...

That sounds like great fun - boy are you a busy mum! Your pics are just gorgeous, I love that sunset and the darling pics of Miss Three!

Anonymous said...

lovely post Marg