Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New family member

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We have a new family member - a 10 day old Alexandrine Parrot. He/she has been named Dobbie. I'm off to buy Farex - baby porridge. Thought my days of feeds every 4 or 5 hours was over!! What fun ahead!


Melody said...

How wonderful. I do hope he thrives.

Narelle said...

Isn't it funny how a baby bird even without feathers can be adorable.

Julie said...

hi marg,
how adorable is your new baby! i'm sure you're doing a wonderful job with him. just thought you should know that he does need a bird mix, rather than farex. You can buy it from per stores and you just add water, like you are with the farex. this will have all the nutrients that he needs, whereas farex doesn't.
all the best. hand rearing birds is very rewarding.
julie :)