Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tuesday's Treasures - Rainbows

I've decided that today's treasures are rainbows.  I found this photo and I can remember the day my second son took it.  We were leaving school.  It's hard to take a great photo of a rainbow - but in terms of treasures they're priceless.  I don't think you can ever see a rainbow and not think happy thoughts.  The worst day can be just that little bit better with just one glimpse.  So rainbows to me equals at least a temporary lift to my spirits!!
The photo also shows what a lovely physical environment our school is in.  Another creator of happy memories!

I'm late getting this blog up - too many costumes on the go and there's still that affidavit for the kids we have in care!  Been a bit stressful but nearly there.  Thoughts of rainbows........


Deb said...

Your flowers are blooming beautifully!! I have to confess, flower #2 is my favorite. Bright a marigold or my day lilies!

Deb from

BronwynB said...

Aren't rainbows so very special! After my dad died I was driving home, listening to a Strauss favourite of his and I found myself driving toward the arch of a magnificent full rainbow. Such a beautiful moment.
Thanks for reminding me with your lovely picture.