Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Teddy Bear's Picnic

This week I'm bringing Loublou along.  She is a Country Keepsake doll.  She was about the third or fourth doll I made and quite a step up in challenges!  My earlier dolls had been fairly simple.  With Terease's guidance (Homespun and Beautiful) I really enjoyed making her - so much so that she now has a twin.  She loves to relax in the rocking chair and she thought she'd take it along on the picnic.  Doesn't want to get her good dress dirty and with the rain we've been having it could be a bit damp.  She's looking forward to meeting lots of new friends.


Melody said...

Loublou is very very cute. Thanks so much for bringing her on the picnic.

Allie said...

Darling - what a sweet little doll!