Sunday, April 1, 2012

Some more finishes for March

I've now knitted 4 of these scarves - they are really quick to do and lots of fun in the variegated colours.

This one has a silver sparkle through it - but the photo didn't pick this up.  It's a honeycomb weave.

This one had the loosest weave of all - and I only used 6 stitches, so it's a very long, thin scarf.

They are perfect for working on while watching  TV as no concentration is required and not a lot of thought needed. 

This one is a fishnet weave - much closer and either needs another ball of wall, or less stitches to make this one go further, but for a first effort, I'm happy.  It'll be warm to wear.

There is also a picture of the little cardigan I knitted for a bear. And, of course, another bear!!
This is Summer Bear made in a synthetic pink fur.  She's very cute.  I'm thinking of some more for the outfit, but as a bear she is finished. 
I haven't knitted in ages.  Decided to try this little cardigan for  a bear.  A very simple pattern, but it didn't sew together very well.  Mmmm!  Pattern or me?  Still trying to work that out!!  Still cute on a bear!

Lots of plans for the school holidays - I've got three quilt tops out - they are at least going to be basted, if not quilted.  I've got bear patterns and I haven't forgotten Some Kind of Wonderful and Dear Jane.  Lots to do and they are talking rain, so may be perfect stitching weather.


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