Sunday, April 1, 2012

Just takes two quilt Finally STARTED

When I saw this on line in early January I just loved the idea of completing a quilt with just two colours - so I downloaded the first 6 patterns.  Since then I have downloaded each set as they have come out.  I've bought the material and the thread for the stitcheries.  Until last week when I decided that the time had come to get started..........

Block 1 - piecing completed, centre applique needs to be done.
This is block 7 - all the smaller blocks have been pieced, but the final piecing still needs to happen.  This is a Jacob's Ladder.
Block 5 - Ohio Star
Block 2 - Churn Dash
Block 4 - the white centres have stitcheries.
Block 3 - the centre has a stitchery - a holiday job!

Finally a start! Hopefully will get some more done through April.


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Allie said...

Good job Marg, I LOVE red and white quilts, this will be stunning!