Thursday, February 23, 2012

A whole week and very little sewing

I've been back home for a whole week now.  But DH is up with eldest DS in Bundaberg.  So, I'm being a single parent here.  With seven kids to get to school, who all seem to want to eat regularly and go to all their activities after school, there has been very little time for sewing.

I did a big clean up of the sewing room when I returned home.  Found a kit for a very simple quilt using 4 1/2 inch squares surrounded by two lots of sashing - the sashing being cut from a very pretty jelly roll by Moda called Spring Fling.  I was going so well.  I had all the cutting done and had sewn on the first round of sashing.  I started the second - sewed on the first 8 1/2 inch strips and then went to put on the 12 1/2 inch strips.  Funny, they seemed to be about 1/2 inch too short.  But, no, they couldn't be - I'd measured twice, cut once.  Checked and double checked.  So, I went on and did the second - strangely enough, the second strips were about 1/2 an inch short.  Did some more checking - my ruler was 12 inches and not the 12 1/2 inches I had thought.  So, yes, I was right - they were 1/2 inch short.  Duh!!

What to do?  Checked everywhere I could think of - no more Spring Flings.  Of course, I'd had the kit for about 2 1/2 years, hadn't I?  I rang the lovely ladies at Fabric Patch and they matched as best they could.  No Spring Fling, but Dilly Dally is close enough.

So, I'm thinking of a very bright and scrappy Irish Chain with the left over Spring Fling and Dilly Dally as I only need twenty strips to complete this quilt.  Actually less than the 20 full strips, as I have all the 8 1/2 inch strips cut perfectly!!

Our girls are still waiting on an outcome for the court case.  Parents didn't show at the hearing today at all.  The judge's comment was that there was enough evidence to give an order and the Department had done all they could to help the parents change their ways so they could try to get the kids back.  However, they didn't actually tell them at the last hearing that if they didn't bother to show they would grant an order, so the judge believed that it was "fair" to leave it until next Monday to give the parents a chance to turn up and state their case.  I'm on the list of witnesses - hoping it won't get to that, as this is the man who has issued death threats against us in the past and has smashed his way into our home.  It won't be pleasant, but someone has to do the right thing by the children and their protection will be worth what ever aggravation we get put through.  The law has to change!  Who would have thought you'd need to put in writing to parents that if they wanted their kids back they needed to bother showing up.  Then again, out of 24 visits in the last twelve months they managed to get to 3 - and most of the time it was "we forgot" and that was after confirming at 4pm on the Wednesday and forgetting by 10am on Thursday!

On a nicer note - in my quest to get some of my WIPs and UFOs completed in 2012, I have been working on Country Romance from Pumpkin Patch - Block 2.  It's a lovely quilt with lots of piecing and applique.  I've almost finished block 2.  When I have, I'll post a picture.  I'm waiting for kids at scouts, so taking the time to get some blogging done, but no photos unfortunately.

Tomorrow my eldest DD is participating in District Netball trials and then we're heading up to Bundaberg to visit DH and DS (dropping 2 children at a scout camp on the way!).  DS and DH will be returning on Sunday with DS beginning the search for a new path in life.  It's all a journey and he has learnt lots through this experience, so all is good.

Some prayers for Monday's court date would be great - these little girls will have their lives put in danger if they are returned to these people.  It's a scary thought.

I think the hand stitching of a new teddy bear will keep my mind occupied over the weekend!

Cheers everyone.


Allie said...

How right you are, the laws need to change. Why they give terrible parents so much leeway is beyond me. I'm praying hon!

Denice Barker said...

Even though the judge is giving the parents one more chance to show up, you know that he has made up his mind because he was ready to issue his judgement now. Anyone can see, looking at the facts where these two darlin's belong. But prayers are sent your way none the less.

Melody said...

Dearest Marg, you are such a good person. I'll be thinking of you all on Monday