Monday, February 6, 2012

A busy week behind and ahead

I spent last week in Bundy with eldest DS as he settles into his new job.  I've set up a bit of a routine - drop him at work and head out to Bargara.  Have a walk along the beach and then a coffee at a beachside cafe.  With batteries recharged, I head into Bundy and spend my day either sewing or sorting out things for home.  

The view for my walk and morning coffee.  Not bad, hey?

Friday night was supposed to see DH and 4 children arriving so that we could swap cars.  The one we have here is a very old Mercedes - drives fine, but not much on the inside works - like windows, air conditioning, etc.  So not too pleasant to be driving in summer in Bundy.  However, it has got us out of a tight spot as DH needed our main car to get all the kids around at home.  

So, DH set off with kids and some extra sewing supplies for me!  Guess what?  Car stopped about 30 minutes away from home!!  Better that it happened there than further in the trip or on a morning trip to work with DS.  They got towed home.  Turns out it is not a big problem - but big enough to stop them from coming up.  So, it was a bit disappointing as I was quite looking forward to seeing everyone and hearing their news.  It has been so quiet up here - and I have enjoyed that, too - but was looking forward to a little noise!

So, I had a weekend to get some more sewing done.  I finished all the seams on my first Teddy Bear.  I've ended up going with a complete fur bear called Summer.  This one is completely jointed - thought that was a better "learning" project than a bear doll.  But with extra time on the weekend I have completed all the seams on Elle Jane - so both are ready for stuffing.  I've also started on Elle Jane's outfits.  Will get some photos this week when they actually start to look like bears rather than piles of material!

Yesterday I sat down and cut out two more Dear Jane blocks and 2 more Some Kind of Wonderful blocks.  Hope to get these completed this week.  I've also cut out and sewn the back ground block for the second block in Le Jardin.  I think the last block of this I made in 2010 - so it's been awhile!  I have the applique pieces cut as well.  

So, a week of sewing ahead.  I have classes on Tuesday - to do more bear making and in the afternoon I'm going to start a disappearing 9 patch.  I've done one of these before, but this one is going to be in flannel.  It'll be fun to do and will be for one of my DS's.  

Wednesday will be social sewing day and Thursday night more bear making.  I'm really hooked on bear making.  Just love it.  So far I've done everything by hand sewing - I'm interested to see how this goes when I put the stuffing in.  A bit worrying.  I'm as wrapped in this as I was when I started doll making - perhaps more so.  Maybe 2012 will be the year of the bear?

I could really enjoy living in this part of the world.  I have another two more weeks and then I'm back home and DH will be here with DS.  Then it's my turn again.  DS is trying to get his licence and I am keen for him to do that - I'm enjoying being needed as well.

Hope everyone has a great week.  Cheers


Fiona said...

sounds like you are keeping yourself very stitchy busy whilst you are up there....

Allie said...

I don't think I'd ever leave that beach once I got there. Glad the car broke down so close to home!!! Enjoy making your bear, I can't wait to see her!