Thursday, December 29, 2011

F.R.I.E.N.D.S Swap

About September, 2011 I joined in the F.R.I.E.N.D.S Swap organised by Khris.  My partner was Irene from Texas.  I received the most beautiful gifts from Irene.  Had great fun unwrapping them and looking through each one.  Carefully put them all away so that I could photograph them before they were used.  Then, of course, there was the rush of last minute costumes for Sound of Music and then the costumes for the dance concert and then the Christmas rush.  Every day in my sewing room I would gaze at the box of lovely gifts and say "today I'm photographing those so I can use them".  Well, today has come!  I've wanted to wear the beads and use the diary and put the table centre out and use the beads.

Here they are:

This was the table centre - just beautiful and in my colours!

Here are all the gifts laid out - don't know if you can pick up enough detail - but there are some beautiful wooden beads, scrap booking pages, a fat quarter, the cutest little book of sayings, some gorgeous red beads and a covered diary.

scrap booking pages and the little tea pots are coasters with the words: "sereni-tea:  N. the absence of stress while drinking tea.  Almost makes me want to make myself a cup right now!!

This is the little book of sayings.  It is so cute.  Perfect to keep in my bag for when I need reminders!!

The red beads.  I'm hoping to make a bracelet out of these over the holidays.  Notice the beautiful labels - each gift was wrapped with the larger "Friends" label attached and the "R" is for label was used inside each gift.  So beautifully done by Irene.

Just another photo of the lovely table centre.  So pretty

This was one of the gift bags included.  So cute all by itself.

Couldn't resist a photo of this by itself.  Nothing like a cup of green tea to help the day along - and adding in flavourings like peppermint or jasmine - depending on my mood.  
So, apologies to Irene for taking so long to display her beautiful gifts.  They have been appreciated - and I've been keen to use them.  I'm going to use her diary to make notes for my Dear Jane quilt that I've just started.  Just in case you think I am impossibly rude - I have exchanged emails with Irene - several in fact.  So my personal thank yous were immediate - just slack in getting it done publicly.

One more item off my to do list for the holidays. So now that it's done - where can DH take me so that I can wear those beautiful beads??

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