Sunday, December 18, 2011

A busy week in the lead up to Christmas

DH and DS are away at the moment, so it's a busy time here getting ready for Christmas.  Plans are going ok with the preparations.  Shopping almost complete.  Tomorrow (hopefully) all shopping will be done.  Just a few more sewing items and we're just about there.  Luckily, DD is a whizz at wrapping, so she's been busy doing that for me.  DH and DS are arriving back at 5.15am on Christmas Day.  Nice!!  So pleased to be able to see dawn on Christmas day at the airport, but that's how it is.  Eldest son is going to play Santa for me, so that I can get the littlies to bed (and me, too) so that we can be up at 3 to get going.  DD suggested that we go to Midnight Mass and keep going to the airport - I wasn't taken with the idea.  Maybe twenty or so years ago I would have been quite keen.  They're having a great time - DS is meeting two siblings and two of his other siblings are joining them.  They've never had a Christmas together before so it will be special.  His birth mother will hopefully meet up with them as well.  And, what's more they're having a great time exploring a new city.  DH has never been there before.  More details after the trip - there are some security issues with saying too much now.  But when they're home safe and sound........



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Allie said...

Well you'll certainly be the first one up on Christmas! I hope you have a safe trip to the airport, and everyone gets home safely!