Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Beautiful Gifts From SSCS

I received the most beautiful gifts from Denice.  Denice comes from Michigan in USA.

Here are the gifts she sent:

The little bird was the Christmas ornament.  So cute.  It was the only ornament allowed on our tree that was not blue and silver - so took pride of place.  The larger brightly coloured one was part of the main gift.  It is beautiful, too.  I have rainbow lorrikeets, scaly breasted lorrikeets, conures and an alexandrine.  So, I just love brightly coloured birds.  The little one has been packed up with my "special" ornaments for next Christmas.  The larger one is going to live in the kitchen on my old sewing machine table - my mother's first sewing machine base.

This was the main gift.  A beautiful wall hanging.  Desden Plate is one of my favourite quilting patterns.  Blue is my favourite colour.  Denice - thank you so much - all the gifts were so beautiful and such a delight to open on Christmas Day.  So love the bright colours.  Proudly hanging on my wall now.


Chookyblue...... said...

lovely gifts from Denice.....glad you love them.........thanks so much for being part of the SSCS........

Betweens said...

awesome bird to go on your tree and a perfect little quilt to brighten up the winter days