Monday, May 9, 2011

What a Weekend

Well, the weekend wasn't what I planned.  DH ended up in hospital late on Saturday night with chest pain.  He came home yesterday.  They haven't found anything, but his symptoms indicate something is wrong so requires further investigation.  It's a warning and lots of people don't get those, so we should be grateful.  But it is a worry.  He is still not really well but better than Saturday night!  I told him if he didn't want to make me breakfast on Mother's Day he could have just said so, no need to be quite so dramatic!!

Anyway, despite that it was still a nice day.  The kids made breaky and then proceeded to make cup cakes.  They even cleaned up the kitchen - mostly, anyway!!

Here are some of the cakes.

This is Tish enjoying the cakes for Mother's Day.

This is Mother's Day for the other 364 days.

This is my 10 year old daughter's first shaggy quilt.  We finished it yesterday.  It went in the dryer overnight and so the finished quilt is now on her bed!!

This is one of my WIPS.  A Country Cupboard Design "Christmas Carols".  I've had nearly all of it done for over 12 months, just have to finish backstitching the writing on each of the blocks.  So when the opportunity came, that is what I worked on over the weekend.  I also added a few more hexagons to the pile.

So despite everything, it was an ok weekend.  Just worrying about where things will go with the health issues. Hope everyone else had a great Mother's Day.



Melody said...

It sounds like you had a great Mother's Day except for the scary beginning. Hope everything goes well with your husbands follow up tests.

Allie said...

Saying prayers for your hubby now! That is scary. The pics are so cute - gotta love a cupcake - your dd's quilt is just darling, as is your Christmas quilt. Happy Mother's Day!

KAYLEE said...

Those cup cakes do look delicious Marg, both quilts are gorgeous. Cheers Kaylee

Val said...

The health scares do take a little getting over. I am glad it doesn't seem too serious. The cupcakes look like a hit and the quilts look great.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Prayers and blessings for your Hubby, Marg. Only a child can demonstrate how a cupcake should be eaten. Quilts look great.

Sheila said...

Hope all goes well with the follow up tests for your hubby , when these things happen it is always a worry . Those cupcakes sure looked yummy and Tish is proof ;-)The rag quilt is just sweet and a great job!