Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Family Member

This is our newest family member - Laina.  She is a Scaly Breasted Lorrikeet.  6 months old and hand raised.  She loves baths.  Has just taken one and is the scruffiest bird ever when wet.  She is just starting to talk and whistle.  Should be lots of fun.  She will be out of the cage most of the time, but needs to settle in and get used to her new surroundings and, most importantly, let Sam our King Charles Cavalier Spaniel get used to her.  He's a bit of a bird dog - but his attention span is quite limited and sleep is more interesting!!


Melody said...

She is very beautiful. I wonder what her first words will be? Some you have taught her or something she has over heard.

helbel19 said...

Just what you need Marg another member of the family.


Sheila said...

She is beautiful , gorgeous colors!