Thursday, May 5, 2011

Teddy Bear's Picnic

We're late, we're late!  Wrong story!  What a day.  Woke up with a migraine at 2.30 this morning.  Vomiting at 6.00am.  For whatever reason - probably my visits to the naturopath - these migraines are not as bad as they used to be.  6 months ago this would have been me for the day.  Now I'm able to be up and about in a few hours.  Not a good start though.  We had the start of the court process to extend the stay of our two little ones.  The order runs out in June and the formal assessment has started as to whether they should remain in care or return to their birth parents.  We've had them since August 2008 and the baby was only 2 months old so you can imagine where my heart is lying.....  So it was a big interview which will be presented to court as evidence.  Should be interesting times ahead.

So, the Teddy Bear's picnic is very late.  I'm hoping to get her photo on before I leave, but may not.  Computer not being very compliant tonight.

I will tell you about her anyway - her name is Jewel.  When our little one came to us in 2008 our "baby" was 8 years old, so we didn't have a lot of baby clothes around.  It was 9.30pm and I had managed to get to Woolies and get formula, bottles and nappies but not much else.  She came with nothing - a winter's night and she was picked up by the police in a singlet.  The workers had looked around and found a little jumper and blanket.  Luckily people were kind and gave us bundles of clothes.  Jewel was part of one of these bundles.  She is a Settler's Bear.  I think she is very cute so have put her with my dolls and special bears.  She looks a bit sad in the photo - I think she knows that the other picnickers have returned to their warm homes and she is there by herself.

Just realised, I'm not going to get her photo on tonight.  Have to dash off and pick up our daughter from dancing and take her to scouts.  We also have one at Guides and one at sewing lessons.   So it's taxi service at the ready on a Thursday.

Photo will happen but much later tonight and I'll get to meet all the other bears who were at the picnic today.  Maybe Jewel can come to another picnic in the future.


Melody said...

Don't worry Jewel, little Dora will wait with you. What a stressful time for you, Marg - no wonder you have a migraine. Thanks so much for thinking of the picnic on such a busy day.

Sheila said...

My thoughts are with you as you go through this very stressful time , take care and I truly hope that things work out for you .hugsSheila

Karen said...

Jewel sounds sweet and has a lovely story to match.Good luck with all you have to do!