Thursday, November 1, 2012

Some finishes for October

October has been an eventful month in our house hold. We had a leg break of 12 year old DD - but it wasnt really! Growth plate stopped a complete fracture, but we've had a few weeks trying to get everything right - ballet exams coming up, dance concert in a few weeks and netball try outs - not a good time for a knee injury, but its all coming together now!

Then we had the fire in eldest DS's bedroom. Burnt one of my quilts, his bed and into the wall. Thankfully we were all safe. If we hadnt been home at the time we would have lost the house. All started in a power board. Telling everyone now to be very careful of power boards. Apparently they start lots of fires. Insurance is sorting this out, so hopefully he'll have his bedroom back in a few weeks.

Then we had the suspected apendicitis of fourth DS. That was a few days of worry, but thankfully this turned out to be a blocked bowell. While nasty it was a better outcome than appendicitis. Of course, this happened when DH was away. Isn't that always the way?

So, not a lot of sewing done in the month, but I did manage two bears - gifts for my DD's netball coaches. She played on two teams - in a weekly competition and in a rep team. I'm pleased with how they've turned out.

Now, I have to get back into my SAL quilt - Annie Downes' My Favourite Things. It shoud, be finished by now. I'm determined it will be finished by the end of 2012.

Of course, it will have to be fitted in between costumes for dance concert. 3 girls in it this year. 11 dances plus the finale. So lots and lots of costumes.

Eldest DD is graduating from primary school. So grateful she is making her own dress!



Chookyblue...... said...

so much happening.......goodluck finishing your SAL quilt.........

Tracee said...

Wow hopefully this month will be a lot better for you. I'm so glad that everyone is safe after that fire and that you house is still standing.

Jenny Watson said...

Wow looking so nice thanks for sharing and just keep it up.

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