Saturday, October 6, 2012

A fire

There's an ironynin writing this - one year ago this weekend a fire ripped through our property in Childers - took out everything except our sheds and caravan. We were so incredibly lucky.

Yesterday afternoon, i was sitting in my craft room getting organised for a night of sewing/crafting. My eldest son ha just taken my youngest son to a mate's place. Second youngest came up the hall and said that he could smell smoke. He's very good with that as he is asthmatic. I said that we should walk around and see what was happening, but no smoke alarm was going off. However, within minutes, the smoke alarm was going off and smoke was billowing from my eldest son's bed room.

On to the fire brigade. Within minutes of the alarm going off the smoke became flames going upmthe wall. It was right on dark, power was off and it was horrible to say the least. I grabbed photo albums, kids (not necessarily in that order!) and we went to our evacuation point. DH and eldest DS continued to do what they could to bring the fire under control.

Several hours later we were given the all clear to return to the house.

We still have a house. Everyone is safe, including our animals and birds. It was probably the scariest event in my life - hoping for it to remain so!

The worst casualty for me is one of my quilts. It was near the power board (that may have been faulty) and is completely ruined. It was a log cabin with stars. The one Australian Patchwork and Quilting put out on their first video.

The quilt was made at a time when all my children were small and time was even more precious than it is today. I remember how I struggled to eke minutes out of the day tomwork on it. The top was then put aside and it was a few years before it was actually quilted.

This is it today!

When I look at all the maybes of last night I am very grateful that this is all I have to lament. Of course, his bed is gone and mattress. And the other bedding. But to me that's all replaceable. And, yes, the quilt is replaceable, too. But in a very different way.

Then I look at all my other quilts, bears, dolls, special kids toys, memorabilia and gifts from overnthe years. We're all ok. We still have a home. We slept in our own beds last night. We have been very lucky.


Narelle said...

So very glad to know that everyone is safe.
Kris had a lovely idea to downsize your quilt if possible and re-date it.

Marg H said...

Yes a few people have suggested it. I thought over night that I'd try it, looked at it this morning and just felt lost! However through the day I've come to think that I just can't let it go. So I'm drying it out now and will look at what I can do. A friend suggested, I keep the original label and then make a second label detailing the fire. Friends have also suggested a QAL where everyone makes a block and we put it all together as a group to replace the quilt.

Denice Barker said...

Wow. There is nothing to say but the are all well and ok. And thanks for that.

Diane-crewe said...

it is sad to have lost a quilt... but it can be replaced,with a different one... no person can be replaced x sooo glad you are all safe and sound... even if your eldest has to sleep on the floor lol xxana

Fiona said...

soooooo glad you are all fine.... sad about the quilt as it holds so many memories, I am sure a way to retain what you have will come to you soon.....