Saturday, November 19, 2011

Catching Up

Just realised I have not posted since October.  How busy life has become.  We're almost through November!  "Sound of Music" has come and is almost over - last performance tonight.  Chris' cast finished last night - but will come back for a final bow tonight.  Esther is in the closing cast.  DH has been in all of them.  I've really enjoyed being involved in the amateur theatre world again - albeit as always - back stage.  I met DH in this theatre company - 22 or so years ago.  I got involved in costume making towards the end.  Always intended to, but they seemed to be going to so well.  When I finally caught up with the Wardrobe Co-ordinator I found out that they weren't!  So the last week of the rehearsal period was spent sewing madly - lucky I love it - making about 20 costumes.  Finally it all came together - although there were still a few pins holding things together on opening night (safety pins that is!)

This is the Von Trapp children meeting Maria and learning "Do Ray Me"

I was responsible for all the sailor costumes - either making from scratch or "renovating" from our production of 20 years ago.  The children were dual cast - except for the boy who played Kurt - so there were 13 costumes in that.

This is the second cast:
Chris (DS) is the tallest boy.

All the kids have had a fantastic experience.  The time commitment has been huge - rehearsing three times a week.  As well as tracking down costumes and props and the sewing.  But the experience is worth every minute of it.  Seeing the kids growing in confidence has been unbelievable.  Haven't regretted it for a moment!

Of course, once the production was in full swing, we had the task of maintaining the costumes - keeping everything washed and ironed.  There have been 7 performances (plus tonight).

Just to make life interesting, my eldest son has just finished High School.  So we had his graduation and formal.  The organisation for that was progressing well, I thought, until he told me that he had agreed to partner one of the girls in his class.  Our high school has always limited attendance at the senior formal to school students only and graduating students only.  They all go to the formal on the hired buses and come home on them.  I couldn't really see the need for a partner, but this girl felt unable to attend if she didn't have a partner and her partner was unable to attend.  So, Peter stepped in.  That was all cool until he announced that he needed to "match" her outfit with his tie and waistcoat.  Still good - until we couldn't find out what colour that was.  Peter looked at me strangely asking why he would need to know details like what colour his partner was wearing.  I explained the difficulty of matching him to her without this knowledge.  He came back to me about 4 hours later, triumphantly announcing that all had been sorted the colour was "blue".  He was amazed that this was really no help at all - "What blue?" I asked.  How was he supposed to know that - "Just get blue" was the answer.  Anyway, we ran out of time to get it through the hire company with his suit.  We eventually established what colour blue was required - but it was then a sewing job!  So I added it to the list of things to do.

This was how it turned out:
He doesn't scrub up too badly??  And I thought the tie and waistcoat came up quite well for the time it took to make them!

This is the car they made their "entrance" in.  There is a big ceremony where they are picked up by the bus to travel to the venue.  Each student is announced on their arrival and it has become a bit of a theme to try to arrive in something special.  Another last minute request from the girl to find something for them.  I thought this was just too hard, but was telling a sewing friend and she said she had contacts and within about 5 minutes we had the car organised.  Sewers are such versatile people!!

Overall, it was a very emotional day.  Peter had his graduation in the morning.  Formal in the evening.  Spent some time mulling over the last 17 years and wondering where they had gone and why they had gone soooooo fast.  It does seem like yesterday that we were carrying a little unknown bundle to the car from the Maternity Unit and wondering.  Now, he is preparing to fly the nest and school is over for the very last time.  Just reinforces how much we should treasure every moment as it comes - all over so quickly.  I know we do treasure each moment, but some seem so rushed.  Need a replay button!!

We have his 18th birthday party coming up in January - another milestone - officially an adult!  Still a few weeks away yet.

The next two milestones we are facing are our two boys are graduating from Primary school - so that involves an evening out to celebrate.  And two outfits to organise - luckily, these two are not boys that are overly interested in what they wear!  

And then there's the yearly dance concert.  Luckily, this year they are doing the story of Peter Pan.  Esther is playing Michael - so costumes are fairly limited - really it's just pyjamas.  With an occasional addition.  Very lucky - not sure where I'd find the time to make 20 or so costumes as I did last year.  Tahlia is also involved, but one of the newer Mums has volunteered to try her hand at costume making, so that is taken care of as well.

Then, of course, there was the school Christmas concert.  That was last night.  Once again, costumes on the agenda.  My daughter had to be a Rock'n'roller - easy - circular skirt.  Younger daughter had to be an angel.  Planned a sparkly white dress, but when I knew time was running out, I renovated an older white dress and added lots of sparkles - sometimes it is easy to love tinsel.  

I haven't downloaded those photos yet.  That will have to be a future post.  It all worked out and we finished in time to rush back to "Sound of Music" to see Chris' final performance.

Today I'm in Brisbane for Peter to do his final assessment on his abseiling course.  Hoping to get that finished to be home for Esther's final "Sound of Music" performance.  And, of course, the BIG party afterwards.  (I'll be the one in the corner snoring!)

As a result, there has not been much sewing done - well, sewing that I love to do - like quilting, doll making, etc.  Nearly finished my Secret Santa gift.  Have to get that done in the next day or two.  Still have a few teacher's gifts to finalise, but they are going ok.  I went through my UFO's and found a Santa that was mostly made but put away when second son had emergency surgery for appendicitis a week before Christmas last year.  I have this Santa nearly finished.  May get time to put the trim on today while I wait. 

I have been browsing other people's blogs every chance I've had.  Feeling very envious of all the starts to Some Kind of Wonderful.  Hoping to get mine underway in the next few weeks.  

Summer has hit here.  After a very mild start to the warmer weather, we have really copped it over the last week.  Lucky we have access to air conditioners.  Don't know how I'd be if not.  

Looking forward to things quietening down over the next few weeks.


Allie said...

My goodness - my head is spinning with all you do - I think I'd like to know what vitamins you take! I love that car. Hope you get some time to work on something for you!

Narelle said...

I don't know how you keep up with it all because I'm exhausted just thinking about it, lol.
Lovely formal photos and cool car!
Hope you find a quiet moment this weekend :)

Sandra Kaye said...

Hey Marg-- Did you get my quilt?? I haven't heard. Please let me know. Have a great day??