Sunday, October 23, 2011

Janiac's Unite

Wow!  Thanks to Vicki and Dawn we have a great new blog to stitch-a-long on our Dear Jane quilts.  Every time I have seen one of these I've wanted to start making them - so here goes.  One a month is the minimum.  It's going to be great to be part and to watch others as their little pile of blocks grows.

Come and have a look at  It's going to be so much fun.




Kelli said...

Might have to check that out! If I don't make them, at least to look at everyone else's. I LOVE the Dear Janes! :o)

Narelle said...

Oh no! Does this mean it's time for me to bite the bullet? :)
I purchased the book must be 12 months ago and haven't been game to start.
I'll enjoy watching everyone else for a bit first perhaps.
Thanks for the link.

Sandra Kaye said...

Hello, Marg! Guess What?? You WON!!! you won my christmas quilt drawing!!! Email me your address , and I will get your quilt mailed off asap!! Congrats!!!! big hugs-- Sandie