Thursday, July 28, 2011

Two days of Sewing

I have been lucky enough this week to have spent 2 days sewing - well the school part of the day, anyway.  I happened to have two days together working on some on-going projects with our local sewing teacher, Wendy of Sewing with Wendy.

On Wednesday, we worked on a project from Sewing Revolution using the Create-a-tilt ruler.  Made a very pretty cushion cover.  Today we worked on a fabric folding project and made a book cover.  It was lots of fun.  I used silk for the book cover and really enjoyed working with it.

I'm writing this after scouts - we're having an ice-cream at Maccas on the way home.

Been another busy week.  I've managed to trace out all the blocks of 'Home Sweet HOme' - up to W.  I've traced all the samplers from Stitched Sundays.  I've even managed a little stitching.  Borders have been sewn on to two blocks of my green version of 'Tis the Season.

Next week my daughter has her tap and jazz exams and she is going to be "the pupil" for two of our trainee dance teachers who are doing their exams to become qualified teachers.  So I'll be doing some waiting.  Have lots of hand stitching to take with me.

My oldest son was having a get together with mates at Southbank on the weekend.  I came home last night to hear the news that it had been cancelled.  He was disappointed.  I was excited.  A whole day at home.  May even get to the sewing machine for an hour or two!

Second son's Rock Eisteddfod performance is next week.  Hope to get some photos at the final dress rehearsal on Wednesday.  Should be lots of fun.  So colourful.

We're about to start making the costumes for Sound of Music.  Not sure what I'm going to be doing there - but the costume director is asking us to take on a set of costumes - as in 14 of one costume for all children in the cast.  Hoping to have some fun and not too much stress.

Fifth son's birthday tomorrow - he'll be 12.  We planned a quiet play in the park with a group of friends - they're all into Nerf guns.  Still shake my head in horror!  It's turned into a bit of a marathon as anyone in his class who asked, had the invitation extended to them to join him.  So 6 has become closer to 20.  Oh, well, you're only 12 once.  And as he tells me, it's not his fault, he just has lots of friends.

I started some paid work this week.  First time in some years.  I've been asked to become Minute Secretary for a Welfare Organisation in our community.  It's challenging getting my head around all their terminology and getting context right, but hope I'll succeed at it.  About 6 or so hours a month, but good to get the brain working.

Last game of Rugby for two sons this weekend.  It's been a difficult season with lots of injuries and struggling to get the numbers for the team, but they've had fun and I think they've learnt things on the way.  Glad to get Saturday mornings back - but I think they'll be taken over by dancing as the end of year concert approaches.

Busy as always.........


PS  Some photos of my current projects will appear on the weekend.


Allie said...

I really don't know how you ever find time to sew, lol! Happy Birthday to your son, nerf guns sound so oldest did the paintball thing for his this year. I didn't go [thank goodness]. Congrats on your paid job!

Narelle said...

Two days of craft sewing was a special treat!
Look forward to seeing some pics soon.