Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday's Treasures

I've pondered throughout the day today about what I would put as my treasure on this particular Tuesday in July.  I've decided that living in Australia is my treasure.  I know that we can't guarantee that terrorism will never come to us as it has in other countries, but we are the lucky country.  We have elections and we may not always like the result - but we have them without violence.  We accept the umpire's decision.  Mostly we can travel through this country and not expect violence.  Being involved in child protection, I'm fully aware that there is an ugly side to our country, but overall, we are lucky.  Lucky to have been born here - lucky that, in most cases, our ancestors made the decision to flee their homes and come to a country that has turned out so well.  When my great grandfather boarded the ship in London all those years ago I don't know that he really cared where he went, he just wanted to get away from the horror that was his home country of Ireland.  I thank him for getting that boat - and my other ancestors who all made the same decision.  I hope that the treasure of a country that we enjoy today will continue to provide my descendants the same promise.

And we do have the cutest animals anywhere in the world!!



Melody said...

I agree with you, I often think how lucky we are that we do not live in a war torn country and that we have a decent social security system where, even though life on a pension is hard, people are not starving. We can basically enjoy free speech, freedom of religion and we elect our government, do not have one inflicted on us.
And yes,our animals are so cute too.

Allie said...

I think of your country as a treasure too, and would love to see it someday!

Fiona@BubzRugz said...

As a relatively new Ausi I agree it is a great treasure... I love it here...

helbel19 said...

Well said Marg, we do live in the greatest treasure.