Sunday, August 28, 2011

Another week has gone by...............

Another week has gone by and what, in the way of sewing, do I have to show for it?  Very, very little.  It's been busy, busy, busy with the kids.  What's new there!!

I have almost completed a chenille and appliqued cushion cover - that was lots of fun.

Friday night sew in - well, didn't that fall down hard.  Had the weekend all planned out so that I could scrapbook and sew on Friday night.  Scouts changed plans and so we had to have our eldest son at a day activity at 8 on Saturday morning - a 2 hour drive away.  The original plan was for DH to drive him up there on Friday evening.  Saturday DH was working Saturday - so my plans had to change.  So, I had to be up at 5 to get him there on time.  Not good for a late night sewing.

While waiting for my eldest son to finish his activity - 5 pm that afternoon, I did get to visit The Quilter's Corner - a lovely little quilt shop in Keperra.  I found the Vignette Magazine Vol 3 - got it just in time before Vol 4 comes out.  Lots of beautiful fabrics there, too.

I've also been working on some machine embroideries.  We have been working on a new quilt using the tilt a ruler from Sewing Revolution.  Each block is based on a piece of machine embroidery, applique or just a stunning piece of fabric.  I've used a bird - designed by Sue Box.  Love her embroideries.  A very talented lady - Aussie as well.

This is a machine embroidery from Sue Box - part of her Christmas Collection.  Just downloaded it tonight.  I think I'll do it again with a layer of crystal organza between the fabric and the embroidery - just adds the sparkle.  Not sure what I am going to use this for - I'm hoping to use it in a quilt.  I'm going to make some more blocks using her designs - then I'll work out placement.  There is a very special teacher who has done a lot for my children - I would like to make her a very special quilt this year.  Better get going - it's September in a few days!!

This is the chenille and applique cushion.  I've been making.  I haven't used Japanese prints before, but like the colours.  Hopefully I'll finish the cushion this week.

These three embroideries are for a table runner.  Once again, Sue Box design.  I have to find the fabric to put around them now.

This is the block using the Create a Tilt Ruler.  I'm going to put a mottled purple/pink sashing around the blocks.  Not sure how I'll finish it.  

Another Christmas design by Sue Box.  The one on the left has the crystal organza - it hasn't photographed well - but I'm really pleased with it!  Seems to give it depth.

Once again, a Sue Box design - called glitter.  

The other project I've been working on is an embroidered towell for my daughter's friend.  She is having a birthday next week.  Esther decided that an embroidered towell was just the answer.  I haven't done this before - I've done a trial one.  Now for the real thing!!

Haven't had much time for hand sewing - but have progressed a little more on my second quilt for the Stitch-a-long.  

It's school holidays here in three weeks.  In just under two weeks we are having our local agricultural show.  I'm involved in the Needlework section.  I haven't got a lot to put in this year, but my daughter has a few things to put in.  



Allie said...

I think you're the busiest person I know - I don't know how you get anything done! Love the embroideries, Sue Box is one of my faves. Good luck with the towel!

Fiona said...

Lots of pretties there.... I enjoyed seeing the chenille with the applique on top... I hadn't seen that before... looking forward to seeing how you put all the embroideries together...

Melody said...

I loved seeing these pictures. I think its amazing you have any time to sew you are such a busy person.

Beth said...

I love all your appliques and the cushion. I am just getting into appliqueing with a machine I bought, and hope I can be this good some day.