Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A day of sewing

I managed to stay home and actually sew today.  I've finished a project I started at our local sewing shop - a octagonal placemat.  Using the Sewing Revolution Rulers - they are a fantastic product.  I've taken a photo, but it won't be on here until tomorrow.

I've finished four stitcheries for 'Tis the Season and they all have borders.  I've traced some more stitcheries for the Homespun "Give Thanks" Stitchery project they had online last year.  Only a few to go now. 

Done some work on the Lynette Anderson "My Garden" Stitcheries.  Amazing what can be achieved with just a little bit of time.  Hoping to get some more done tomorrow.  Also tonight I have to drive my eldest son about an hour away to a meeting so I'll get some more done waiting for him.

I have so many partially completed projects - love to get some finished!!  Also conscious of my promise to myself to get some early Xmas presents done.  I know how frantically busy the end of the year is!!  I have traced out an extra stitchery from 'Tis the Season - thought I might do the photo album. 

Til tomorrow.


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suzitee said... are stitching up a storm! Wish I was as up-to-date with the SAL as you :) Love your fabrics...they'll be stunning!