Monday, February 28, 2011

A new week!!

What a weekend!! We did it all.  I, unfortunately, didn't get any further with my blogger education, but hopefully this week that will happen.  Husband gets home on Tuesday, so that will makes things easier.

I have two sewing days this week - one working on projects using the rulers from Sewing Revolution.  If you haven't heard of these ladies - they're at the Gold Coast and have produced some top quality rulers that really make it easy to lay out an applique quilt.  Worth looking at their website if you'd like to see what they do.  A lot of their rulers fit into machine embroidery, but work well on all patchwork/quilting styles.

I have ordered and paid for 'Tis the Season, so just waiting for that to arrive.  Can't wait to get started.

Also, we had our afternoon tea to help raise funds for research into Ovarian Cancer and raised $100.  Very pleased to be able to say that.  It is a horrid disease with little way of knowing until it's too late - no screening, etc.  So, any help in even working out a test would have to save some lives.

Hope all had a great weekend and a wonderful week of sewing ahead.

Friday, February 25, 2011

What a Day!!

Started off being woken by smoke alarm at about 4.30.  After investigating, decided the battery must be dying.  It was 5am.  Should have gone straight to shower.  Decided I could have another 20 minutes sleep.  The alarm didn't go off - woke up at 6.22.  Had to leave house by 7.30.  Then one of the birds tried to get out of cage - got head caught in door as it tried to push it open.  Major trauma as this is one of my son's favourite pets.  Bird ok.  Now no time left to chop up all the fruit and vegies the birds normally get each morning to snack on during the day.  Very disgruntled birds.

Late leaving home.  Got everyone to school and met up with mother of one of my daughter's friends and she is having such an awful time with bullies that the poor woman was in tears.  Not sure why but not getting a lot of help from the school so they are thinking of taking her out of the school.  Sad that it has to come to that.

Now it's almost school pick up time.  2 of our kids have a visit with their other siblings this afternoon.  It's at a new location - and I'm not good with directions.  But the bowl of fruit is cut up for their afternoon tea.  Water bottles at the ready, so we're right to go.

Rugby training is on tonight and the leaders of the youth group my younger kids are in are coming around for a pot luck dinner.  We've decided to keep it simple and go with some party pies and sausage rolls - which will please my kids no end.  Party time!!

Tomorrow is a day out with the youth group to 10 pin bowling and Sunday we are having an afternoon tea to raise funds for the research into ovarian cancer.  2 of my boys lost their birth mother to this awful disease in January.  She was only 47.  They hadn't seen her in a long time but were able to spend time with her in hospital which was good - we hope to do this as an annual event in her memory. 

My husband is away at the moment for work - won't be back until Tuesday, so it's been a bit full on.  My hat goes off to women who are single parents all the time - just miss having the support of another adult, even though my Mum is close by and I have very supportive friends.

Hope everyone in blogland has a good weekend.  Hope I get some time over the weekend to start taking and loading some photos.  Actually got a little tiny bit of hand sewing done while waiting for my eldest son at a Scout meeting last night.  Every little bit counts!!s


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Joining the Natalie Bird Stitch-a-long

Wow!!  This is so exciting.  I can't wait to get started.  I think I'm even understanding the whole blog thing a bit more.  Perhaps I need a course - "Blogging for idiots" or some such thing.  If only my 17 year old was into it I'd be fine. 

After a very trying morning getting kids organised for school I'm hoping to get some craft work done.  And some photos for my blog!! Yeh!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sewing Room Re-organised

I've finally got my sewing room re-organised and my scrapping area is up and running. It's a good feeling. I even got a scrapbooking page completed today. Hardly a great achievement, but life has been busy getting kids settled into school so just getting one page done has been a great feeling!!

I've also taken out some hand sewing that I haven't looked at for awhile. The boys are starting Rugby soon, so may have a chance to get some done. One of the projects is the Homespun "Give Thanks Sitch-a-long". The other is the Lynette Anderson "My Garden". Has some of the cutest buttons and is in the browns/blues - lovely country colours.

I'm hoping to have my new Janome Embroidery Machine paid off next week and be able to start using it. I've been using my Sewing Revolution Rulers and learning some great new techniques at our local sewing shop - been great fun.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New at this blog thing!!

It's a Tuesday and I'm determined to get some blogging going. Have to rush off with kids to Cubs and Rugby - in that order. It's sign on night for Rugby.
I started blogging last year - February to be exact. But didn't get the hang of it. Not sure if I will this time either. I do lots of facebooking - can't be too much harder, can it?

I'm hoping that this will lead me to be inspired to do more sewing and get into photos, etc.